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Electric motor refers to an electromagnetic device that can convert or transmit electricity according to the law of electromagnetic induction.Its main function is to produce the drive torque, as a power source of electrical appliances or various kinds of machinery.
Application Case

NdFeB magnetic can be used in industrial automation products. The main applications are all kinds of motor, stator, rotor, generator, coupling, elevator, separator, filter and electric vehicles, etc. Due to its own characteristics and performance, NdFeB magnets are mainly used in motors and generators.

servo motor
New energy auto synchronous motor
Traction machine
DC motor
Technical Requirement
Key Technologies of Elevator Traction Machine Magnet:

1、Maximum llowed working temperature: 150C

2、aBr :

αBr :≤ -0.11%/K(20℃~150℃);

βHci:≤ -0.55%/K(20℃~150℃);


3、Density:2 7.6g/em'

4、Weight loss: 120C,humidity: 100% , atmospheric pressure : 0.2MPa , time t 168hours weight loss 5mg/cm2;

5、Zinc. Thickness ; 9um. Sait spray test(35 'C5%NaC) ; 48 hours ;

6、Flux consistengy The deviation value of each magnet flux is less than 3% in the same testing equipment,

Key Technologies of Aerogenerator Magnet:

1.Environment of pplication: -40C-120C

2. aBr:s-011%/K(20C-120*C);

BHd:s -055%/K(20C-120*C) ;

3.Density: 27.55g/cm.

4.(BHmax =38-40 MGOe ;Hdjz 21KOe;

5. Demagnetization curve is a straight line under 100C The result of demagnetization curve' 5 knee point is less than 2KGsu

6.Weight loss temp:

130 C, humidity : 95% , atmospheric pressure: 2.7bar , time : 480hours weight loss

7. high-low temperature test -40C-120C. 3 cycles. the fiux rreversible loss is less than1%.

the fux ireversible loss of finished goods is less than3%

8. Thermal demagnetization:Conditions: 120Cx2H

Standards. the flux ieversible loss is iess than 1%. the flux rreversibie loss of finished goods is less than3

9.Flux consistency. The deviation rate of each magnet flux is less than 3% in the same equipment.

10. Zinc or Epory. Zinc Salt spray tes(35"C ,5%NaCD : 48hoursEpoxy: Sah spray test(35"C .5%NaC) : 96hours

11.Service ife: 220 years. corrosiondepth s0.5mmin 20 years

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