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Magnets play an important role in the renewable energy market.?Magnetic materials ?can provide different solutions in?wind energy, tidal energy fields?.By using magnets and corresponding solutions, you can reduce or even eliminate gearboxes in wind turbines.The working environment of wind turbines is very bad and must be able to withstand heat, cold, wind, humidity and even salt fog tests.
Application Case

The global wind turbine market have forced manufacturers to reduce manufacturing costs in recent years, improve efficiency, and create strong design capabilities for continuous services.The power conversion efficiency of wind turbines and electric generators can be improved by using suitable permanent magnet materials in wind turbines.In addition, selecting the right magnetic material and manufacturing it to the right specifications ensures that it is resistant to high temperature degaussing. The next generation of wind turbines is being studied, using permanent magnet generators and axial flux couplers.The overall purpose of the design is to improve efficiency by reducing friction.?Magnetic couplers are currently used in many applications, but their greater potential is still being explored. ?Our?high quality neodymium magnets are being used in large commercial wind turbines to ensure high energy efficiency and good reliability for the entire generator system.

Alpine wind power generation
Wind power generation in Arid Areas
Wind turbine
Offshore wind power generation
Technical Requirement

1、Servicelife 220 years

2、Grade: 35UH, 38UH, 35EH, 38EH

3、 Density: 27.6g/cm'

4、Magnetic Flux Consistency. Testing fux in the same testing equipment in the room temperature. The maximum deviation     value of flux is less than3%

5、Thermal demagnetization:

Test conditions; baking 2 hoursin 180C

Eligibility criteria: The average value of the fluw ireversible loss is less than 1% in the same motor, and the fux   freversible loss of single magnet is less than 2%

6、Weight Loss.

HAST Testing(unsaturated humidity, without coating)

 Test conditions: Temp:120C. Pressure: 0.27MPa Humidity: 80% Testing time. 240hours.

Eligibility criteria: the average value of weight loss is less than 2mg/cm? in the same motor, and weight loss of single    magnet is less than 3mg/cmf


High Temperature Resistant Testing:

Test conditions : baking 2 hoursin 250C

Eligibilty criteria: no blistering and no discoloring

Cold and Hot Shock Testing

Test conditions : keeping 150C for 30mins, and then keeping -50^C for 30mins which is one cycleTesting 240 cycles.Eligibility criteria: no peeling, 

no blistering and no rust

Test conditions:

Temp :85*C. Humidity : 85%. Testing time: 240hoursEligibility criteria: no peeling,

no blistering and no rust

PCT Testing(saturated humidity, with coating)

Test conditions: Temp:120*C. Pressure: 0.27MPa. Humidity: 100%. Testing time: 168hoursEigibility criteria: no peeling,

no blistering and no rust

Salt Spray Test

Test conditions: Temp.:35"C. NaC:.5%. PH:6.5-7.2, Testing time: 2300hoursEligibility criteria: no peeling,

no blistering and no rust

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